Why I Perform Magic Shows

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Tonight’s show was a blast. It’s great discovering the unique personality of each audience. This group definitely came to have good time.
Driving home I started pondering… Why do I perform magic shows?
It’s not for attention that was probably lacking from my early years as a middle child.
Nor is it solely for the money that comes from doing corporate and private magic shows in Los Angeles. Sure, that’s all rewarding, and the adrenalin rush after a great show is kind of nice.
But, the reason I fell in love with magic and made it my life’s passion is honestly about giving. I just enjoy creating cool experiences for people.
In the moment of performance, that’s where my intention is. I want people to experience something rare and valuable. I expect them to have the most magical experience they will EVER have.
My Los Angeles magic show, “Evening of Enchantment”, was created with that intention. It was designed to be a complete magical experience, much larger than the show itself. Intimate, personal, transcendent… an escape from reality.

The “Godiva” of magic shows…
I love to transport an audience. The buzz and gratitude that follow after the show are priceless to me. But the Evening of Enchantment is not just about the show. It’s really larger than the sum of its parts.
Throughout the event, people bond over a shared experience.
I dig that.
During the first hour, the ocean views, flowers, candle light, and wine begin the process of transporting them. By the time they arrive in the wine cellar for the show, they’ve already been enchanted. The show just takes them to the next level.
I do a lot of magic shows in Los Angeles. And, I do a lot of shows at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. But nowhere does the complete magical experience come together like it does in Malibu at the Evening of Enchantment.


Magic Show Blog – April 10, 2012
Last night we had a private group reserve the entire magic show venue for 22 people. 46 guests ended up showing up, along with a reporter from the Los Angeles Daily News. We managed to pull off an awesome event, and everybody left happy. I was glad to receive a huge standing ovation at the end of the magic show.
Our next show will be on Saturday night. The TV show “Eye on LA” will be filming our event for a feature on their program. Seats are nearly sold out, but if you hurry, you can reserve them on our ticket page.
Also, everyone on our staff is very excited about the new venue locations in the works. Stay tuned for more info on that.