Timeless: My New Show In Los Angeles


I’m so excited to announce that after 13 years of shows in Los Angeles under the branding of “Magic And Wine”, I now have a new, second experience to offer those of you in LA. My Magic And Wine shows will continue in Orange County, but I’ll also be performing at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Thematically, the show is heavily centered around the concept of time, with a special emphasis given to magic effects and narratives in that realm. It features some new, never before performed pieces and some of the classics reconfigured into a whole new show. Below is the official description:

“An evening of timeless magic inside a historic downtown hotel, this show combines the incredible and iconic history of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel with the breathtaking magic of International Champion Of Magic, David Minkin.
You’ll move forward and backward through time during this 90 minute performance, while experiencing some of the world’s finest close-up magic.
This new show features authentic stories from David’s life, metaphorically represented by incredible moments of magic, like only David can create.
Join us at the world famous Millennium Biltmore Hotel for an experience that is “Timeless”.”