My New Show In Los Angeles

Timeless: My New Show In Los Angeles


I’m so excited to announce that after 13 years of shows in Los Angeles under the branding of “Magic And Wine”, I now have a new, second experience to offer those of you in LA. My Magic And Wine shows will continue in Orange County, but I’ll also be performing at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Thematically, the show is heavily centered around the concept of time, with a special emphasis given to magic effects and narratives in that realm. It features some new, never before performed pieces and some of the classics reconfigured into a whole new show. Below is the official description:

“An evening of timeless magic inside a historic downtown hotel, this show combines the incredible and iconic history of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel with the breathtaking magic of International Champion Of Magic, David Minkin.
You’ll move forward and backward through time during this 90 minute performance, while experiencing some of the world’s finest close-up magic.
This new show features authentic stories from David’s life, metaphorically represented by incredible moments of magic, like only David can create.
Join us at the world famous Millennium Biltmore Hotel for an experience that is “Timeless”.”
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Magic Show Los Angeles

Magic Show in Los Angeles

October 20, 2011

My Los Angeles magic show, “Evening of Enchantment” has now been running for nearly 4 years straight. That’s a long time for a one-man magic show. To give you perspective, Lance Burton’s show recently ended after a 14 year run in Vegas.
Los Angeles is a great place to have a show. There are so many people here in need of entertainment. It’s not like Vegas, but the good news is… It’s not like Vegas. The audiences in my shows are usually filled with local people from Los Angeles, as opposed to tourists just passing through and looking for magic shows. That allows me to create more of a local buzz.
Recently, the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica approached me about doing my magic show there. It’s in a part of L.A. known as the west side, and they feel the community would embrace a regular magic show at the Shore. I’m looking forward to performing the show there this month.
Another venue that’s ideal for a magic show in Los Angeles is the Montage Beverly Hills. They just opened a private lounge known as “Ten Pound”. We are close to a deal there as well. Thanks to my new publicist, Michelle, at least three venues will soon be featuring my magic show in Los Angeles. I’ll be performing in Malibu, Santa Monica, and soon… Beverly Hills.
I hope to see you at a show soon!

Magic Show Blog – April 03, 2012

We are now well into our fourth year with the Evening of Enchantment. Not only is the event the longest running magic show in Los Angeles, it’s also the #1 rated attraction in Malibu, California on
We have 22 reviews, and every one of them is five stars! In fact, the show is ranked ahead of the beach!
So, buzz and word of mouth have spread about the magic show, and people in Los Angeles are showing up in droves. We are looking at adding several new venues in L.A. and Orange County, plus a dinner cruise out of Marina Del Rey.
I’m thrilled that things are suddenly going so well.
For next week’s show, we have Eye on LA coming to feature our event under Romantic Things To Do In LA.
Celebrities are showing up as well. A few weeks back, Josh Groban came to the show, and Trey Parker and Seth Rogan have recently expressed interest in coming.
Overall, I’m pleased with the momentum and expect this to be our best year yet.

September 18, 2013

It’s been a long time since I blogged about the show. So, here is the a quick update. The Malibu venue burned down in 2012. It was a difficult time for everyone who had grown to love the place. I had tickets to my magic show sold through August and had to scramble to find an alternate venue for those shows.
Luckily, I eventually worked a deal out with a stunning venue in Hollywood, CA called Bardot inside the Avalon Theater. It’s a historic building with incredible ambiance for magic.
I’ve now been doing the show there for about 15 months, and it has been a blessing. Every single event is completely sold out, and I’ve been able to increase the show’s capacity to 60 people, nearly twice the Malibu venue.
Apparently there is a huge demand for magic shows in Los Angeles, because in addition to the Magic Castle having their busiest year ever, tickets to my show are usually sold out a week in advance.
So, thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to many more performances to come in Hollywood.

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Why I Perform Magic Shows

Why I Perform Magic Shows

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Tonight’s show was a blast. It’s great discovering the unique personality of each audience. This group definitely came to have good time.
Driving home I started pondering… Why do I perform magic shows?
It’s not for attention that was probably lacking from my early years as a middle child.
Nor is it solely for the money that comes from doing corporate and private magic shows in Los Angeles. Sure, that’s all rewarding, and the adrenalin rush after a great show is kind of nice.
But, the reason I fell in love with magic and made it my life’s passion is honestly about giving. I just enjoy creating cool experiences for people.
In the moment of performance, that’s where my intention is. I want people to experience something rare and valuable. I expect them to have the most magical experience they will EVER have.
My Los Angeles magic show, “Evening of Enchantment”, was created with that intention. It was designed to be a complete magical experience, much larger than the show itself. Intimate, personal, transcendent… an escape from reality.

The “Godiva” of magic shows…
I love to transport an audience. The buzz and gratitude that follow after the show are priceless to me. But the Evening of Enchantment is not just about the show. It’s really larger than the sum of its parts.
Throughout the event, people bond over a shared experience.
I dig that.
During the first hour, the ocean views, flowers, candle light, and wine begin the process of transporting them. By the time they arrive in the wine cellar for the show, they’ve already been enchanted. The show just takes them to the next level.
I do a lot of magic shows in Los Angeles. And, I do a lot of shows at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. But nowhere does the complete magical experience come together like it does in Malibu at the Evening of Enchantment.


Magic Show Blog – April 10, 2012
Last night we had a private group reserve the entire magic show venue for 22 people. 46 guests ended up showing up, along with a reporter from the Los Angeles Daily News. We managed to pull off an awesome event, and everybody left happy. I was glad to receive a huge standing ovation at the end of the magic show.
Our next show will be on Saturday night. The TV show “Eye on LA” will be filming our event for a feature on their program. Seats are nearly sold out, but if you hurry, you can reserve them on our ticket page.
Also, everyone on our staff is very excited about the new venue locations in the works. Stay tuned for more info on that.

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Magic Shows in Los Angeles

Magic Shows in Los Angeles


Tuesday, October 26, 2010
If you do an internet search for “magic shows in Los Angeles”, a lot of results come up. However, most of them are magicians in Los Angeles who are advertising for private magic shows and gigs.
There are only four ongoing year-round magic shows in Los Angeles.
There’s the Magic Castle, an invitation-only private club in Hollywood (I perform shows there on occasion). There are Magicopolis in Santa Monica and the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. These are magic venues that feature various performers each week.
And, of course, there’s my show in Malibu, the “Evening of Enchantment”, which is the longest-running one-man magic show on the west coast.
For nearly three years running now we’ve been filling up shows in Malibu – mainly by word of mouth.
It’s been a lot of work to four-wall a show… more work, in fact, than I could have imagined when I first created the show in 2007.
But thankfully, word of mouth has caught on, and Los Angeles is a big city with lots of people who have yet to see a magic show that seats 30 people at a time.
It’s going to take a long time to fit them all in, assuming they all buy tickets via word of mouth. So, for now, I’m happy to keep the show in LA.
People often tell me I should do my show in Las Vegas.
The truth is, I couldn’t be happier than performing my magic in Malibu for small, appreciative audiences and then driving 30 minutes home, all in the city where I grew up… Los Angeles, California.
Personally, I think there’s more magic in a Malibu ocean sunset than all of Vegas.

Our event takes place in a wine cellar. If you’ve seen a magician in Vegas, you may be used to large theaters, stages, and such. My magic show in Los Angeles features an intimate room with seating limited to 34 guests. It’s how magicians used to perform in the 1800’s when European aristocracy were treated to intimate performances in luxury hotel rooms.
Close-up is the way magic was meant to be viewed. 

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