Magic Show in Los Angeles

October 20, 2011

My Los Angeles magic show, “Evening of Enchantment” has now been running for nearly 4 years straight. That’s a long time for a one-man magic show. To give you perspective, Lance Burton’s show recently ended after a 14 year run in Vegas.
Los Angeles is a great place to have a show. There are so many people here in need of entertainment. It’s not like Vegas, but the good news is… It’s not like Vegas. The audiences in my shows are usually filled with local people from Los Angeles, as opposed to tourists just passing through and looking for magic shows. That allows me to create more of a local buzz.
Recently, the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica approached me about doing my magic show there. It’s in a part of L.A. known as the west side, and they feel the community would embrace a regular magic show at the Shore. I’m looking forward to performing the show there this month.
Another venue that’s ideal for a magic show in Los Angeles is the Montage Beverly Hills. They just opened a private lounge known as “Ten Pound”. We are close to a deal there as well. Thanks to my new publicist, Michelle, at least three venues will soon be featuring my magic show in Los Angeles. I’ll be performing in Malibu, Santa Monica, and soon… Beverly Hills.
I hope to see you at a show soon!

Magic Show Blog – April 03, 2012

We are now well into our fourth year with the Evening of Enchantment. Not only is the event the longest running magic show in Los Angeles, it’s also the #1 rated attraction in Malibu, California on
We have 22 reviews, and every one of them is five stars! In fact, the show is ranked ahead of the beach!
So, buzz and word of mouth have spread about the magic show, and people in Los Angeles are showing up in droves. We are looking at adding several new venues in L.A. and Orange County, plus a dinner cruise out of Marina Del Rey.
I’m thrilled that things are suddenly going so well.
For next week’s show, we have Eye on LA coming to feature our event under Romantic Things To Do In LA.
Celebrities are showing up as well. A few weeks back, Josh Groban came to the show, and Trey Parker and Seth Rogan have recently expressed interest in coming.
Overall, I’m pleased with the momentumĀ and expect this to be our best year yet.

September 18, 2013

It’s been a long time since I blogged about the show. So, here is the a quick update. The Malibu venue burned down in 2012. It was a difficult time for everyone who had grown to love the place. I had tickets to my magic show sold through AugustĀ and had to scramble to find an alternate venue for those shows.
Luckily, I eventually worked a deal out with a stunning venue in Hollywood, CA called Bardot inside the Avalon Theater. It’s a historic building with incredible ambiance for magic.
I’ve now been doing the show there for about 15 months, and it has been a blessing. Every single event is completely sold out, and I’ve been able to increase the show’s capacity to 60 people, nearly twice the Malibu venue.
Apparently there is a huge demand for magic shows in Los Angeles, because in addition to the Magic Castle having their busiest year ever, tickets to my show are usually sold out a week in advance.
So, thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to many more performances to come in Hollywood.